Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Welcoming Winter, 2016-17

Winter is upon us! So far this season has been a tad unpredictable. We've enjoyed lovely, sunny days, followed by sleet and snow and ice. In fact, it is currently over 50 degrees outside! Snow and much colder temps will return later this week. Although this has been a very busy year for me, I find great joy in even a few minutes of knitting at the end of each day. It's lovely to have plenty of quick projects on hand for blustery, winter evenings.

This year we continue to deliver your donations to the Family Shelter in Portland, and the Portland Community Health Center, whose new name is Greater Portland Health. We will also make deliveries to the Frannie Peabody Center, another wonderful organization in Portland. The following is a description of their mission. "Frannie Peabody Center is the largest community-based HIV / AIDS service organization in Maine, providing prevention services for at-risk groups and direct services for people living with HIV/AIDS."

What do we need? We welcome any donations of new, handknit or crocheted clothing or blankets. Hats, mittens, scarves, small blankets, socks, vests, whatever you enjoy making. Hats and mittens will always be at the top of the list, as being out in our climate without them makes the simplest tasks so very unpleasant. We are often asked if clothing made with fiber other than wool is acceptable. Yes! Although wool is warmest, there are people who can't wear it, and people who can't work with it. 

Peace and love to you and your loved ones in 2017!
Happy knitting!


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