Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Solstice!

I'm a few days early, I know. Happy Solstice in advance!

Although winter got a bit of a late start here in Maine, it has arrived. It's cold. If you have finished your holiday gifts and projects and find an extra skein in your basket, please consider knitting a hat or two for Nest. I would love to deliver a big bundle of hats and mittens to the clinic for the homeless in Portland. I stopped by the clinic today to drop off a bag of hats. They could certainly use more.

If you have other projects you would like to knit or crochet instead, please do. What does not go to the clinic will go to the family shelter. They take just about anything. The residents love hats, mittens, vests, socks, and small blankets.

Finally, I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Your generosity and talents make a significant difference. Thank you. I hope your winter nights are filled with peace and joy. And yarn, of course. Plenty of yarn.



Marie said...

Do these projects need to be knit only or do you accept crocheted items? ...... what a great way to help others :)

Nest said...

Hi, Marie. Yes, we accept crocheted items. (My apologies. I just discovered your message today!)