Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I love wool. The colors, the textures, the possibilities. That said, I am not a summer knitter. I don't make a conscious decision to put down the needles when it gets hot, but I do. Maybe it's because my summer hands are busy doing other things. I don't even realize I've done it until I find myself digging through my knitting basket, months later, looking for something that needs finishing. Then, knitting becomes a regular part of my day once again. I look forward to those quiet moments here and there when I can get a few rows done.

Today I went to the family shelter to drop off a small bag of donations. There were hats, mittens, a lovely sweater, and a few small blankets. I am sure that the bag will be empty by the time temperatures drop this evening. As many of you know, there has been a sharp increase in the need for housing at the shelters in Maine. Too many people in our community lack the most basic articles of clothing to keep themselves warm.

I am often asked what types of donations are most helpful. We need it all. We welcome any donations of new, handknit or crocheted clothing and blankets. Hats and mittens are at the top of the list, but scarves, sweaters, socks, and small blankets are also very popular. All of your donations will be taken to the Portland family shelter and to the city clinic for the homeless.

As we let go of summer light, let us remember those in need this winter. As always, we thank you.




Lulu said...

does it have to be wool for the hats?

Jean said...

Is Nest Maine collecting knitted items for Winter 2014-15?

Nest said...

Yes! We are collecting for Winter 2014-15. We collect throughout the year. Thank you!