Thursday, December 12, 2013


For the past few months, I've been dreaming of a little green vest. I have some Cascade 220 in a lovely green that has been waiting, so patiently, for an opportunity to become something useful and warm. We had a long drive ahead of us a few weeks ago. Perfect time for action. Vests, it seems to me, are a great solution in many ways. We can wear them inside on really cold days, or outside in almost every season. We can add them as a layer under winter jackets. Best of all, they still fit after arms have outgrown favorite sweaters. I always have a hat on the needles, and love to make mittens, but maybe vests will be my go-to project in 2014. (And maybe this will be the year I finally learn to cable.)

I visit the family shelter and clinic for the homeless fairly frequently now. I used to wait until I had a pile of woolens to deliver, but that really made no sense. Your donations are no help if they are waiting here at home, so now I pop in whenever I have more than a handful of warm things to share. What do we need? Everything. We need hats, mittens, socks, scarves, small blankets, vests, and sweaters. Yes, that is a long list. Basically, make what you love making. Try a pattern you have been thinking about, or stick to your favorite pattern.

I am often asked what we need the most. In truth, it is exceedingly hard to be out and about in our climate without a hat. Hats are always in high demand. I am a big fan of knitting hats, as they travel with me so easily and are perfect to work on when you have only a few minutes to knit here and there. If you tire of making hats, make something else! Know that your donations, whatever you make, will help keep somebody warm on these cold winter days. And thank you for thinking of Nest.

Happy Winter!



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