Monday, September 29, 2014

Here it comes......

Hello, Nesters!

Before I welcome you to a new season at Nest, I want to pay homage to the last few months. We just enjoyed the most spectacular summer ever. Maybe there were clouds, rain even. Maybe it was a tad too warm for a few days. I really don't recall. All I remember is bright, sunny morning after bright, sunny morning. Gorgeous, breezy summer nights. It was heavenly. And it seems as though fall will continue the trend. We enjoyed temps in the 80s this weekend! But, we have been warned. Things will change this week. In a big way. As I drove home this morning the radio announcer actually told me to make chowder. "Chowder. You're going to need it." Those were his very words.

So, it begins. I'm not sure if it is the sound of crickets, the quick arrival of evening, or what, but I find myself reaching for the wool and needles in the quiet after dinner. This week I will wash our winter woolens, dry them in the sun, and fill the baskets by the door with hats and mittens.

What do we need? We welcome any donations of new, handknit or crocheted clothing or blankets. Hats, mittens, scarves, small blankets, socks, vests, whatever you enjoy making. Hats and mittens will always be at the top of the list, as being out in our climate without them makes the simplest tasks so very unpleasant. We are often asked if clothing made with fiber other than wool is acceptable. Yes! Although wool is warmest, there are people who can't wear it, and people who can't work with it.

Last year we made regular deliveries to the family shelter and the clinic for the homeless, both in Portland. I just delivered two large bags of lovely handknits to the shelter this week. The folks at the front desk were very appreciative, as clients who have just arrived in Maine are quite chilly already! The clinic for the homeless closed, but we have been in touch with people at Portland Community Health Center. They will gladly accept donations this season.

As autumn weather arrives, let us remember those in need. Their numbers continue to grow in our community.

We wish you love and light in this new season. And as always, thank you.



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